有斐斎 弘道館と京都御所

Children's Photography Workshop: Nature in Kyoto

Yuuhisai Koudoukan and The Imperial Palace grounds, Kyoto.

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14:00 - 16:00

朝の探検へ出かけてみませんか?『M / ル・モンド』による「ネイチャー・イン・トーキョー」への展覧会を訪問後、二人のプロの写真家-稲岡亜里子とショーン・ロットマンとともに京都御所へ出かけ写真ワークショップを行います。展覧会でアイディアを蓄え、京都の自然の中でその力を開放させ思い切り表現を楽しみましょう。ワークショップで撮影した写真は小さなアルバムにしてお家へ持ち帰ることができます。(英・日)
Join us for a morning of discovery. This children’s workshop will explore photography appreciation with a special visit to the M le magazine du Monde, Nature in Tokyo exhibition, followed by a guided session in the Imperial Palace gardens. Children will draw inspiration from the exhibition and take photos of their environment guided by two professional photographers – Ariko Inaoka & Sean Lotman. All children will take home a special album. (Japanese & English).
  • untitled, 2012 © Rinko Kawauchi
  • © 2014 Naoyuki Ogino
会場: 有斐斎 弘道館と京都御所
参加費: 1500円(展覧会入場料を含む)
対象年齢: 6歳〜12歳
定員: 15人
予約先: educationinfo@2014.kyotographie.jp
Yuuhisai Koudoukan and The Imperial Palace grounds, Kyoto. 
Fee: 1500 yen (Includes exhibition entry)
Ages: 6-12 
Reservations: Yes (15 Max)
For reservations and info contact: educationinfo@2014.kyotographie.jp
Please provide your name, phone number and email address when making a reservation.
Once we receive your reservation we will send you a conformation via email.